We have a full team of dedicated staff to fulfill the demanding needs of our prestigious clientele. Our equipment is always the most advanced and we are continuously upgrading our knowledge in this rapidly changing digital world. You can always depend on us to give you the best quality and service the industry has to offer.


We have photographers that specialize in capturing that unbelievable special moment of your new-born. Our photographers go to your hospital room, to capture that first baby’s photo alone and with the parents. A photo that will be forever cherished.

We have special presentation packages and folders to hold those photos along with our BABY BOOKS that are unique to our Studio. Baby Pink or Blue can be ordered to suit the gender of your baby, even we have pink & blue for TWINS!

Not requested often, but we also, have professional female video for the birth of the baby.
A special private moment that is captured in a beautiful non-obtrusive way, so that the father can feel that he was also a part of this miracle.

We have yearly packages for your newborn, which we photograph every 3 months in your home, so you can keep up with the rapid change in your baby as she/he grows.

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