We have a full team of dedicated staff to fulfill the demanding needs of our prestigious clientele. Our equipment is always the most advanced and we are continuously upgrading our knowledge in this rapidly changing digital world. You can always depend on us to give you the best quality and service the industry has to offer.


Weddings are our forte’. We specialize in Wedding photography and Wedding Portraits.
Over twenty years of experience with a long list of satisfied customers, Stephanie for Photography has niched a name in the industry for our Classical and beautiful images . We are renowned for ensuring the privacy of our clients and they have trust in our studio that all their private moments and personal photos will be dealt with in a very professional and secure environment. We have many high-profile clients in all of the Gulf Arab countries that continually use our services to record the most important event in ones life.

We have a team of Female photographers and Video camera women and editors that cover the event with professionalism and dedication. We send our team to prepare well before hand to set-up the equipment and lights, so that all the photography team will be on time and fresh to concentrate on the important evening at hand.
Along the photography of the event, we specialize in Bridal Portraiture, of which we prepare a special background of the colors of your  choice to go along with the them o the wedding, with Studio lighting equipment, to capture that beauty of the bride and the special moments of the bride and groom together.

Video of the wedding is also one of our prides, our Video camera women concentrate and capture the beauty of the wedding, the action and re-actions of the family with un-tiring stamina to continue through-out the night never missing a moment of your precious evening.
We have State of the Art equipment such as our 5 meter crane that is especially used in Hollywood films, because the camera can rotate 360 degrees in any way, giving unique views to the event, along with our other small 2 meter cranes and portable hand held cameras.
In this new season of 2008-2009 we are introducing or newest system, which is REMOTE filming, we can put up to 3 cameras without operators in the venue so that the guests can enjoy the wedding without obstructions from the cameras. We usually have one camera for the bride only, as the compliment for the others.
All our operators are females including our directors and editors for the religious constraints of our clients.

Male Video Team
We also have a whole team of Male operators for the Men’s receptions and conferences.

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