We have a full team of dedicated staff to fulfill the demanding needs of our prestigious clientele. Our equipment is always the most advanced and we are continuously upgrading our knowledge in this rapidly changing digital world. You can always depend on us to give you the best quality and service the industry has to offer.
Stephanie McGehee - Apache Photography Studio

Apache was born of a vision to get the best of breed technology, service and innovation bundled to elevate photography to a fine art while satisfying  discerning clientele. Apache Photography Company has been rendering exceptional services the State of Kuwait for the past two decades.

I am, Stephanie McGehee, a photojournalist with Reuters in Kuwait for the past 18 years, a photographer of all types of social events, Advertising, Corporate Profiles, Sports, Products, Aerials, Underwater, and just about any type of visual that need photograph. Control over every element of the process plays a paramount role in delivering or surpassing clientele expectations.

Apache Photography Company is today an acknowledged leader in the photography business in Kuwait and has raised the bar, to carve out a niche as photography consultants and not mere photographers.  “We understand  the demands of our clientele who are widely traveled and well informed.  As a photographer for nearly a decade before I opened my studio in 1994 after the liberation of Kuwait, I was able to understand specific clients.  This enabled me to position my Company as a dependable entity geared to service a whole range of professional services from Wedding Photography to stringent corporate requirements.

Our Services includes Wedding Photography, Bridal Portraiture, Corporate Portraiture, Digital Video, Restoration & Retouching, Book Composites, Digital Image Printing, Food Photography, Marketing Campaigns, Calendar Photography, Commercial Advertisements, Product Photography and a host of allied services.  My in-house design team specializes in creating corporate identity and brochures . Our state of the art printing machines and related equipments manned by dedicated professionals enable us to deliver quality – on time all the time.  I ensure that we pay meticulous attention to detail.

I am a Member of the Professional Photographers of America, Women In Photography International, and Wedding & Portrait Photographers International, and National Association for Photoshop Professionals.

With the  digital photography age, photography evolved into a wholly different art form influenced by the ability to manipulate images. I have not shut myself from the digital world.  I have acquired a top of the line digital equipment since the beginning and use digital photography extensively. I constantly update our Studio, with the latest trends in photography and by attending seminars/lectures/exhibitions world wide.

As a professional, I am accepted at every level. The Gulf Arabs, we not used to women in the workplace, but as more and more doors were open to me, I gained the respect as a professional and they got over the fact that I am woman, and realized that I am a professional photographer, which broke all barriers and allowed me to gain their respect.  However, being a woman helps me when I do Wedding Photography or photographing women during social or private functions.  I meet people in happy moments and they treat me as a member of their family which is very encouraging and very important to me.  I cherish the association with my clientele.  In fact in the case of Wedding Photography  many of them book their venue and inform me 6 to 8 months in advance. Besides working within Kuwait ,I also travels to Bahrain and Qatar on photo shoots for the Ruling Families and Royalty including VIP clients.

A division of Apache Photography Company is Stephanie  For Photography Studio where a team of female photographers and female editors  specializes in wedding photography, videography and social events. We have a team of women professionals provide an additional degree of comfort to a discerning female clientele.

We manufacture photo albums and introduced the concept of Wedding Books where a collage of pictures creatively formed are depicted in each page with its own special design – a concept hitherto unheard of in the Gulf region. 

Among our innovations is “Time Lapse Photography” using our own proprietary software known as “Apache Time Lapse”.  We are the first company in the region to adopt this unique know-how which enables real time web-based viewing of construction progress without the need for site visits. We position our cameras at various construction sites for periodic assessment of building progress.
We are also the first regional player to introduce the concept of E-Prints.  Photographs of events are delivered electronically to Event Management Companies and educational institutions among others” also the clients can upload their photos to the ApacheEprints site and the studio will print and deliver to the clients location.

Kuwait is a wonderful place to do business.  People here are widely traveled and abreast of the latest trends in every aspect of life.  Our Clients demand high quality and timely delivery, which sets the standards for our service based company. The environment encourages you to do your best. Only the best will survive in a demanding and cluttered market place.

Having carved a niche in the realm of high quality photography in Kuwait and having endeared to hundreds of Kuwaiti families who have embraced me as their own, I continue to be a restless soul.  It is this restlessness that has been the cornerstone of my success as I propel Apache Photography Company  to scale new heights in its pursuit of innovation and perfection.  I am always striving to achieve new goals and create the best for my customers.

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